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3601 Sept 1937 Rowley Regis 6B 1298.  ROBINSON, Michael James (I1473)
3602 Sept 1968, Dudley, 9B 144 ROBINSON, John T (I1466)
3603 She married Benjamin Geary on 18 November 1839 in Old Swinford, Worcs.1757, 1758, son of Benjamin Geary and Mary ?. PLANT, Leah (I947)
3604 She married Robert CLAYWORTH 26 Dec 1870 in Newbold, DBY. Robert was listed as being 21 years old and Sarah as 22 years old. Both were residing at Chapel Street, Newbold at the time of their marriage. 
Family F208
3605 Son: John Cox

(connected via DNA on 
Family F111
3606 Source for Children - IGI Parish Records Family F193
3607 Source for Marriage: 
Family F193
3608 Spet 1840 HARPIN Emma Huddersfield 22 293 HARPIN, Emma (I1312)
3609 SS Peter and Paul Church. PC10/01/190. Derbyshire Registrars Marriage Index
1847 Q2 Chesterfield, DBY, 19/423 
Family F3
3610 St Mary's Church, Birmingham
Jun 1906 Birmingham, 6d 194a 
Family F11
3611 St Thomas' Church, Brampton, Derbyshire,
PASHLEY, Maria (I1)
3612 St Thomas's Church, Brampton PASHLEY, Jane (I611)
3613 St Thomas's Dudley WRIGHT, Mary Annette (I274)
3614 St Thomas, Old Brampton, Derby,
Ann Markham, spinster, Full age, signed with X. abode: Little Brampton; Father: Michael markham, Labourer
Enoch Pashley, bachelor, Full age, Signed with X, occupation: Weaver; abode: Little Brampton. Father: Samuel Pashley, weaver
Married under Banns.
Witnesses: James Bradley, Maria Markham

Family F129
3615 Submitted IGI record
Birth: About 1436Of Soyland, Halifax, Yorkshire, England

this fits with submitted records on brothers. BUT in 1472, mother was paying tuition, which implies under age.
There is a second submitted record of John, with parents of William and Alis, which fits far more into the age range. 
ROYD, John (I827)
3616 Submitted IGI reord.
Birth: About 1432 Of Soyland, Halifax, Yorkshire, England
ROYD, Adam (I829)
3617 Submitted record only RAYBOULD, Sophia (I496)
3618 Surname - LEAH, Esther (I915)
3619 surname derived from Will, mention of sister BUCKLEY, Alice (I1321)
3620 surname from IGI marriage BROADLEY, Sarah (I700)
3621 Surname from IGI Marriage record FRADGLEY, Priscilla (I564)
3622 Surname recorded as LEA in IGI LEAH, Ann (I944)
3623 The Gentleman's Magazine, vol 59 part 2

'In consequence of a fall down a pair of stairs, Mr Jonathan Thatcher, commonly called "The Cheshire Farmer". He was the person who, when the horse tax was enforced, first rode to market upon his cow, to save the duty. it was not long since his wife was killed by a fall from a horse.

Thatcher, Jonathan (I1839)
3624 There in a submitted IGI record:

Birth: About 1370. Sowerby, , Yorkshire, England
Father: John Rhodes
Mother: Cecilia

Leaving 1370 birthdate in. With father being married in 1339 (even if only aged 9), he being born over 20 years later seems to fit with early marriage idea.

Next was he was in records as Grave in 1441, and handing over land in 1444, which makes him over 70 then.  
DEL RODE, Adam (I838)
3625 There is a 3rd marriage in the Lincoln records, although about 30 miles away, so unlikely.

29 May 1741 to Isabel SPENCER. In Billingborough, LIN, (Aveland and Ness)
27 Dec 1741, there is a workhouse settlement certificate, (ref Billingborough 13/3/25) for William Strapps and wife Isabella. Parish is Bicker.  
STRAPPS, William (I174)
3626 there is a Betty Thatcher in burial records, at same church, Buried 17 jan 1788, b 1733, which would fit in with the obituary Thatcher, Jonathan (I1839)
3627 There is a submitted IGI file.
Birth: About 1398 Of Sowerby, Halifax, Yorkshire, England
Father: ADAM ROYD 
DEL RODE, William (I837)
3628 There were at least 7 children from this marriage, according to the History of the Royds. Family F170
3629 There's a marriage Ann Clayworth to James Smith Jun 1873, Sheffield 9c 437 CLAYWORTH, Lillian (I050)
3630 There's an LDS submitted record:
Chr: 25 NOV 1818. Mother Jane POLLARD 
POLLARD, Mariann (I063)
3631 Think I'm missing a marriage. Joseph is born about 1854, in between known marriages

5 Aug 2013: added 1851 Census. added death 
SLATER, Hannah (I018)
3632 This family has been fully traced by Jayne McHugh.
Please see This link 
PASHLEY, Samuel Henry (I007)
3633 This is a submitted IGI record with nothing backing it up.
Birth: About 1396 Of Sowerby, Halifax, Yorkshire, England
Father: ADAM ROYD 
DEL RODE, Elias (I839)
In 1851, John C (assumed Colley) Davies/Davis is grandson staying with John Colley. Only daughter listed old enough to have a child in 1842 is Elizabeth. 
Family F222
3635 This list of Aldridge Census results has George CLAYWORTH, malster Foleshill Road, Coventry, Warwickshire, listed as being head of a household. ( CLAYWORTH, George (I056)
3636 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I42)
3637 Tong St James marriages 
Family F308
3638 Tong St James marriages 
Family F311
3639 too many births to determine which one is correct CLOUGH, Elizabeth (I1285)
3640 too many to choose from WESTWOOD, John (I1365)
3641 Two possibles in BMD.
Colley Amelia Stourbridge 6c 187
Colley Amelia Matilda Stourbridge 6c 214
Both Sept 1870 
COLLEY, Amelia (I366)
3642 two possibles Sep 1884
Cox Frederick W. Bromwich 6b 796
Cox Frederick W. Bromwich 6b 871 
COX, Fred (I1049)
3643 Two relevant christening for an Emma Exley born to James and Harriett Exley.
1. 22 JUN 1834, Dewsbury
2. 26 DEC 1838 Dewsbury 
EXLEY, Emma (I1238)
3644 Two weeks after the birth of Joseph, on 22 July 1875, Sarah died at the aged of 26 years. The address at where she died was given as 106, The Terraces, Beighton, Rotherham, YKS.

WALMSLEY, Sarah (I969)
3645 updated 11 Sept 11 added marriage, refs ROBINSON, Ralph (I872)
3646 Updated 11 Sept 11. Added 1901, 1911 census, marriage, family. No death in find my past ROBINSON, Maud (I276)
3647 updated 13 Sept 11. Added 1901 census, marriage. No 1911 found ROBINSON, Richard (I277)
3648 updated 14 Aug 11 with poss births. No 71 or 81 census with K'ford birth. Can't distinguish death. ROBINSON, James (I635)
3649 updated 14 Nov 09. added census, refs, death PLANT, Maria (I1726)
3650 updated 15/3/19: marriage and children SOUTHALL, Elsie (I395)

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