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51 11 Sept 11 added birth ref ROBINSON, Phebe (I336)
52 11 Sept 11 added birth, marriage, children ROBINSON, Minnie (I470)
53 11Yo Elizabeth Harrison, registration stockport, is incorrect census HARRISON, Elizabeth (I531)
54 12 Apr 09 added 1901 census added birth ref LUCAS, Sarah Louisa (I1030)
55 12 Apr 09 added 1901 census added birth ref LUCAS, William Herbert (I1031)
56 12 Apr 09 added 1901 census. added birth ref LUCAS, Maggie (I1032)
57 12 Apr 09 created from 1901 census. added birth ref
LUCAS, John Edward (I1462)
58 12 Apr 09 created from 1901 census. added birth ref LUCAS, Robert Henry (I1463)
59 12 Apr 09 created, from 1901 census. added birth ref LUCAS, Ernest Victor (I1464)
60 12 Apr 09 from talking to Grandad
11 Sept 11 added birth 
ROBINSON, Michael James (I1473)
61 12 Apr 09 from talking to Grandad
15 Jan 2012 added birth ref 
ROBINSON, Tony (I1474)
62 12 Apr 09. added 1871 census. Not found in 81 census. PASHLEY, Enoch (I615)
63 12 Apr 09. added 71 census. added birthplace
18 Jul 09. added census, marriage, family
27/1/14: added death 
PASHLEY, Henry (I620)
64 12 Apr 09. added birth ref. Added 1901 Census and 3 children LUCAS, George Herbert (I1029)
65 12 Apr 09. from talking to Grandad. Died in a car accident when he was about 7, walking to the shops ROBINSON, Keith (I1470)
66 12 Apr, checked. updated birth. added poss deaths
15 Sept 13. Added marriage details, father.nothing else found 
MARKHAM, Ann (I616)
67 12 Dec 2012 updated year of birth from 1911 census SOUTHALL, Joseph (I383)
68 12 Jul added birth ref COLLINGE, Louisa (I1084)
69 12 Sept. added 41 census, family, children. nothing in 61 census HARPIN, Harriett (I711)
70 12 Sept. Added birth refs, nothing in 61 census HARPIN, George (I699)
71 12 Sept. marriage Dec 1847 Harpin Eunice Bradford Yk 23 252
To Alfed Bell/John Cloud/Benjamin Iredale/John Kershaw. Need 51 census to confirm..nothing obvious in 61 
HARPIN, Eunice (I703)
72 12 Sept. nothing obvious in 61 census HARPIN, George (I706)
73 13 Aug 11. Updated birth. added 1911 census, added wife, children ROBINSON, Herbert (I466)
74 13 Jul added birth refs COLLINGE, Esther (I1087)
75 13 Jul added poss birth refs  COLLINGE, Ann (I1088)
76 13 Jul. A Martin Fielden was the 8th Constable of Sowerby under the reign of James I/VI (1603-1625).

Subsequently a Hen(ry) Fielden was 25th Constable of Sowerby under Charles I. 
FIELDEN, Martin (I797)
77 13 Jul. added birth ref COLLINGE, Edward (I1083)
78 13 jul. added birth ref COLLINGE, Jane (I1086)
79 13 Jul. added birth ref COLLINGE, William (I1089)
80 13 Jul. Butley is in area of Prestbury, Macclesfield EPPLESTONE, William Henry (I484)
81 13 Jul. From Royd Family History

"In 1577, John Royde was party to an Indenture with John Hopkinson, of Higgin Chamber, in Sowerby, by which the former conveyed to John Hoile, of Blackshaw Clough, Michael Foxcroft, of Kebroyde, and Thomas Royde, of Over Baitings, all lands, tenements, etc., lying on the south side of the highway between Ripponden and Baitings, then in the occupation of the said John Royde, George Ryley and Robert Fielden" 
FIELDEN, Robert (I799)
82 13 Jul. Google search gave this link:
The Bankrupt Direcotr, A register of All Bankruptcies by George Elwick, 1843. Listed is William EPPLESTONE, Stockport, Cheshire. A Tailor and Draper. Registed Bankrupt April 14th, 1840.  
EPPLESTONE, William Henry (I484)
83 13 Jul. no obvious deaths in FreeBMD COLLINGE, William (I1082)
84 13 Jul. Possible WW1 record, National Archives have Medal card of Eppleston, Arthur, West Riding Regiment 11558 Private EPPLESTONE, Arthur (I1073)
85 13 July - linked to census. added birth refs COLLINGE, Alfred (I1085)
86 13 July 1873. aged 57. From Sanguineous Apoplexy. (3 days)
At Redhouse Lane, Bredbury.
Widow of George Bates, a Farm Labourer.
Registered by Betsy Bates, present at death, Redhouse Lane, Bredbury. 14 Jul 1873

Q3 1873 Mary BATES Stockport 8A 6. 
MOULTON, Mary (I1122)
87 13 May 1904. 2 Lancaster St
Sarah Burgess, 80. widow of John Burgess.
Senile Decay
Registrant Joseph Burgess. 2 Lancaster St

WILLIAMSON, Sarah (I445)
88 13 Sept 1837 at Heaton Lane, Heaton Norris
Father: Philip Morton Occ: Carder
Mother: Ann Morton, nee Hadfield. Housewife
Registered Sept 24th.

Q3 1837 James Morton. Stockport. 19 143 
MORTON, James (I1974)
89 13 Sept:

Voyage of Strathallan

On 14 January 1859 the English ship the "Strathallan" 551 tons, wooden ship, W. R. Williamson, arrived from Gravesend with the first significant influx of about 120 immigrants to Timaru, South Canterbury, New Zealand and she sailed for Lyttelton on the evening of 17 January. She left the Downs on the 15th October, and thus made a splendid passage of 81 days. There being no harbour at Timaru, she had to anchor in the roadstead at Timaru and land her passengers. Reference: The Lyttelton Times Jan. 26 1859.

Government immigrants who landed at Timaru: (this was the first immigrant ship to Timaru)

Exley, Harpin wife Susan and their son Albert


Timaru Cemetery- Harpin Exley and wife Susan, passengers on the Strathallan.
The actual passenger list is in Christchurch at the Christchurch City Central Library Assisted Emigration to Canterbury, New Zealand by the Ship "Strathallan" Oct 12 1858 probably the list of embarkation and includes 'Country Occupation and Total cost of passage'.

Harpin Exley & Family from Yorkshire a brickyard labourer total cost of 42 pounds ten shillings
EXLEY, Harpin (I1237)
90 13 Sept:

Can I ask if any member on the list have any information on these two gentlemen, both listed in the cemetery database of the Tararua District Council

1 - Albert EXLEY, aged 66, from Pongaroa (marital status unknown) died 17 Apr 1922, buried Pongaroa Cemetery 19 Apr 1922 Main Section Block 5 Plot 51 - this age would make him born 1856

2 - James EXLEY, aged 75, pensioner, from Dannevirke (marital status unknown) died 24 Nov 1942, buried Mangatera Cemetery (Dannevirke) 26 Nov 1942 Main Section Block ZI Plot 35 - this age would make him born 1867

The age given for both Albert and James match those of 2 men of the same names 'missing' from the family of Harpin EXLEY and Susan ELLIS in Timaru. 
EXLEY, Harpin (I1237)
91 13/3/19: added 1901 census, added last 2 children HOLDEN, Mary Ann (I568)
92 13/3/19: added possible death BRUNTON, Jane (I472)
93 13/6/14: added marriage notes and children SOUTHALL, Lionel Kenneth (I303)
94 14 Aug 11 added birth, census, marriage ROBINSON, Margaret (I637)
95 14 Aug 11 added poss birth ROBINSON, Lily (I469)
96 14 Aug 11 created from census.
no marriage or death found, not in 11 census 
MOORE, Leah (I1874)
97 14 Aug 11. added birth and death ROBINSON, Lucy (I876)
98 14 Aug 11. Added poss birth
8 Jan 12 confirmed birth 
ROBINSON, Joyce (I1469)
99 14 Aug 11. Added poss birth ROBINSON, Keith (I1470)
100 14 Aug 11. added poss births. no obvious marraige, deaths, 1861 census ROBINSON, Mary (I1138)

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