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Chesterfield, DBY



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 STENTON, Fanny  1855Chesterfield, DBY I5 Rachel 
2 SLATER, Sarah Ann  23 Apr 1851Chesterfield, DBY I220 Rachel 
3 SLATER, Grace  2 Jul 1854Chesterfield, DBY I221 Rachel 
4 PASHLEY, Sarah Jane  1867Chesterfield, DBY I1635 Rachel 
5 PASHLEY, Sarah Jane  1854Chesterfield, DBY I1651 Rachel 
6 PASHLEY, Mary  1882Chesterfield, DBY I1640 Rachel 
7 PASHLEY, Martha Ann  1875Chesterfield, DBY I1637 Rachel 
8 PASHLEY, John Henry  1872Chesterfield, DBY I1636 Rachel 
9 PASHLEY, John  1870Chesterfield, DBY I3 Rachel 
10 PASHLEY, Henry  1845Chesterfield, DBY I620 Rachel 
11 PASHLEY, Frank  1880Chesterfield, DBY I1639 Rachel 
12 PASHLEY, Elizabeth  1878Chesterfield, DBY I1638 Rachel 
13 PASHLEY, Betsy  1885Chesterfield, DBY I1682 Rachel 
14 PASHLEY, Ann Elizabeth  1868Chesterfield, DBY I604 Rachel 
15 NORTH, Ruth  1853Chesterfield, DBY I1666 Rachel 
16 MILLS, Eliza  1819Chesterfield, DBY I1475 Rachel 
17 LOWE, Mary  1822Chesterfield, DBY I1649 Rachel 
18 LOWE, James  1852Chesterfield, DBY I2 Rachel 
19 LANCASTER, George  1851Chesterfield, DBY I1652 Rachel 
20 KIRK, Mary Ann  1880Chesterfield, DBY I1972 Rachel 
21 BRAILSFORD, Sarah Jane  1847Chesterfield, DBY I1634 Rachel 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 WRIGHT, Alfred  1903Chesterfield, DBY I1678 Rachel 
2 WALTERS, Hannah  1894Chesterfield, DBY I2109 Rachel 
3 STENTON, Fanny  1942Chesterfield, DBY I5 Rachel 
4 SLATER, Hannah  1894Chesterfield, DBY I018 Rachel 
5 SILCOCK, Sarah  9 Feb 1939Chesterfield, DBY I039 Rachel 
6 PASHLEY, Walter George  1886Chesterfield, DBY I1650 Rachel 
7 PASHLEY, Sarah Jane  1923Chesterfield, DBY I1651 Rachel 
8 PASHLEY, Samuel  20 Jul 1898Chesterfield, DBY I608 Rachel 
9 PASHLEY, Reuben  1936Chesterfield, DBY I1676 Rachel 
10 PASHLEY, John  1871Chesterfield, DBY I3 Rachel 
11 PASHLEY, Harriet  1934Chesterfield, DBY I1675 Rachel 
12 PASHLEY, Hannah  1924Chesterfield, DBY I618 Rachel 
13 PASHLEY, George  1902Chesterfield, DBY I617 Rachel 
14 PASHLEY, Ann Elizabeth  1872Chesterfield, DBY I604 Rachel 
15 PASHLEY, Albertina  1880Chesterfield, DBY I1677 Rachel 
16 LOWE, Mary  1888Chesterfield, DBY I1649 Rachel 
17 LOWE, James  1902Chesterfield, DBY I2 Rachel 
18 LENTHALL, Emma  1898Chesterfield, DBY I1680 Rachel 
19 LANCASTER, George  1898Chesterfield, DBY I1652 Rachel 
20 KNOWLES, Thomas  1900Chesterfield, DBY I2114 Rachel 
21 GREGORY, Herbert  1913Chesterfield, DBY I1679 Rachel 
22 FRENCH, William Henry  1903Chesterfield, DBY I1973 Rachel 
23 BURBIDGE, James William  1954Chesterfield, DBY I1971 Rachel 
24 BRAILSFORD, Sarah Jane  1885Chesterfield, DBY I1634 Rachel 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 YOUNG / PASHLEY  1894Chesterfield, DBY F438 Rachel 
2 WRIGHT / PASHLEY  1864Chesterfield, DBY F455 Rachel 
3 TAGG / FLETCHER  1851Chesterfield, DBY F207 Rachel 
4 SLATER / SLATER  6 Nov 1848Chesterfield, DBY F045 Rachel 
5 SILCOCK / KIRK  1899Chesterfield, DBY F574 Rachel 
6 SILCOCK / CLAYWORTH  27 Jun 1864Chesterfield, DBY F010 Rachel 
7 RICHARDSON / CLAYWORTH  1904Chesterfield, DBY F209 Rachel 
8 PASHLEY / WAGSTAFF  1894Chesterfield, DBY F437 Rachel 
9 PASHLEY / STENTON  1901Chesterfield, DBY F2 Rachel 
10 PASHLEY / SINGLETON  1870Chesterfield, DBY F434 Rachel 
11 PASHLEY / NORTH  1871Chesterfield, DBY F442 Rachel 
12 PASHLEY / MILLS  1867Chesterfield, DBY F376 Rachel 
13 PASHLEY / LOWE  08 Oct 1849Chesterfield, DBY F439 Rachel 
14 PASHLEY / LENTHALL  1879Chesterfield, DBY F457 Rachel 
15 PASHLEY / CLAYWORTH  20 Apr 1861Chesterfield, DBY F002 Rachel 
16 PASHLEY / BRAILSFORD  1867Chesterfield, DBY F433 Rachel 
17 LOWE / PASHLEY  1894Chesterfield, DBY F1 Rachel 
18 LOMAS / PASHLEY  1851Chesterfield, DBY F435 Rachel 
19 LANCASTER / PASHLEY  1877Chesterfield, DBY F440 Rachel 
20 JACKSON / SLATER  27 Jul 1845Chesterfield, DBY F609 Rachel 
21 GOODLAD / CLAYWORTH  2 Jul 1860Chesterfield, DBY F008 Rachel 
22 GARTON / SLATER  31 Oct 1859Chesterfield, DBY F153 Rachel 
23 FRENCH / SILCOCK  15 Feb 1885Chesterfield, DBY F576 Rachel 
24 CLAYWORTH / ASHFORTH  29 Jul 1908Chesterfield, DBY F217 Rachel 
25 BURTON / PASHLEY  1873Chesterfield, DBY F458 Rachel 
26 BROCKLEHURST / CLAYWORTH  1 Feb 1859Chesterfield, DBY F009 Rachel 
27 BRADLEY / MARKHAM  1842,Chesterfield, DBY F594 Rachel 
28 ALLWOOD / SILCOCK  1906Chesterfield, DBY F614 Rachel 
29 /   23 May 1881Chesterfield, DBY F206 Rachel