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Dudley, WOR


Tree: Rachel

City/Town : Latitude: 52.50870111383395, Longitude: -2.087380886077881


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
51 HARTSHORNE, Joseph  1844Dudley, WOR I2103 Rachel 
52 HARTSHORNE, Mary  1833Dudley, WOR I1360 Rachel 
53 HICKMAN, Alfred James  1897Dudley, WOR I2005 Rachel 
54 HUNT, Eliza J  1882Dudley, WOR I1843 Rachel 
55 JUKES, Elizabeth  1879Dudley, WOR I1810 Rachel 
56 LONG, Lavinia  20 Dec 1830Dudley, WOR I1608 Rachel 
57 MANSELL, Elizabeth  1811Dudley, WOR I1801 Rachel 
58 MASON, Ann  1859Dudley, WOR I376 Rachel 
59 MASON, Benjamin  1835Dudley, WOR I1607 Rachel 
60 MASON, Benjamin  1858Dudley, WOR I1609 Rachel 
61 MASON, Benjamin  1881Dudley, WOR I373 Rachel 
62 MASON, Harriet  1864Dudley, WOR I377 Rachel 
63 MASON, Isaac  1860Dudley, WOR I1623 Rachel 
64 MASON, John  1827Dudley, WOR I1619 Rachel 
65 MASON, John  1896Dudley, WOR I1719 Rachel 
66 MASON, Joseph  1833Dudley, WOR I1621 Rachel 
67 MASON, Joseph  1860Dudley, WOR I1626 Rachel 
68 MASON, Josiah  1875Dudley, WOR I370 Rachel 
69 MASON, Luke  1864Dudley, WOR I1624 Rachel 
70 MASON, Mary  1877Dudley, WOR I372 Rachel 
71 MASON, Samuel  12 Feb 1841Dudley, WOR I1612 Rachel 
72 MASON, Samuel  1856Dudley, WOR I368 Rachel 
73 MASON, Thomas  1806Dudley, WOR I1610 Rachel 
74 MASON, Thomas  1831Dudley, WOR I1620 Rachel 
75 MASON, William  21 Jun 1838Dudley, WOR I1614 Rachel 
76 PARSONS, Alice  1861Dudley, WOR I1561 Rachel 
77 PARSONS, Anne  1847Dudley, WOR I1548 Rachel 
78 PARSONS, Daniel  1826Dudley, WOR I1542 Rachel 
79 PARSONS, Edwin  1845Dudley, WOR I1547 Rachel 
80 PARSONS, Eli  1827Dudley, WOR I1543 Rachel 
81 PARSONS, Elijah  1850Dudley, WOR I1550 Rachel 
82 PARSONS, Eliza  1850Dudley, WOR I1560 Rachel 
83 PARSONS, Emma  1865Dudley, WOR I1563 Rachel 
84 PARSONS, Ferdinando Edwin  19 Feb 1833Dudley, WOR I1567 Rachel 
85 PARSONS, Frances  1840Dudley, WOR I1589 Rachel 
86 PARSONS, Henry  1832Dudley, WOR I1545 Rachel 
87 PARSONS, Henry David  1868Dudley, WOR I1555 Rachel 
88 PARSONS, Martha Ann  1858Dudley, WOR I1565 Rachel 
89 PARSONS, Mary  1848Dudley, WOR I1549 Rachel 
90 PARSONS, Minnie  1869Dudley, WOR I1564 Rachel 
91 PARSONS, Rosanna  1831Dudley, WOR I1544 Rachel 
92 PARSONS, Thomas  1790Dudley, WOR I1536 Rachel 
93 PARSONS, William  1863Dudley, WOR I1562 Rachel 
94 PITCHER, Parthena  1877Dudley, WOR I371 Rachel 
95 PLANT, Benjamin Francis  1879Dudley, WOR I1708 Rachel 
96 PLANT, William  1885Dudley, WOR I1709 Rachel 
97 PRIEST, Priscilla  1837Dudley, WOR I1809 Rachel 
98 RAYBOULD, Benjamin  1843Dudley, WOR I316 Rachel 
99 RAYBOULD, David  1878Dudley, WOR I321 Rachel 
100 RAYBOULD, Edward  1842Dudley, WOR I1806 Rachel 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
51 RAYBOULD, Phoebe  22 Jul 1781Dudley, WOR I342 Rachel 
52 RAYBOULD, Sabroski  06 Aug 1791Dudley, WOR I494 Rachel 
53 RAYBOULD, Solomon  07 Aug 1785Dudley, WOR I493 Rachel 
54 RAYBOULD, Thomas  26 Jul 1795Dudley, WOR I497 Rachel 
55 ROBINSON, Charles Henry  4 Feb 1875Dudley, WOR I270 Rachel 
56 RUSSON, Sarah  18 Jul 1834Dudley, WOR I1559 Rachel 
57 WALTERS, Caroline  20 Oct 1822Dudley, WOR I2111 Rachel 
58 WALTERS, Elizabeth  5 Mar 1820Dudley, WOR I2108 Rachel 
59 WALTERS, Joseph  13 Apr 1828Dudley, WOR I2112 Rachel 
60 WHITEHOUSE, Sophia  29 Nov 1801Dudley, WOR I1537 Rachel 
61 WRIGHT, Agnes  12 Apr 1846Dudley, WOR I2019 Rachel 
62 WRIGHT, George William  25 Dec 1829Dudley, WOR I2022 Rachel 
63 WRIGHT, John Samuel William  28 Feb 1841Dudley, WOR I2017 Rachel 
64 WRIGHT, Joseph  25 Dec 1831Dudley, WOR I2023 Rachel 
65 WRIGHT, Mary Annette  28 Feb 1841Dudley, WOR I274 Rachel 
66 WRIGHT, Nancy Hannah  28 Feb 1841Dudley, WOR I2018 Rachel 
67 WRIGHT, Sarah Elizabeth  9 May 1847Dudley, WOR I2020 Rachel 

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