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Nottingham, NTT



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 CLAYWORTH, Samuel  Nottingham, NTT I090 Rachel 
2 CLAYWORTH, Sarah  Nottingham, NTT I080 Rachel 
3 CLAYWORTH, Sarah  Nottingham, NTT I086 Rachel 
4 VARNEY, Sarah  1 Apr 1722Nottingham, NTT I084 Rachel 
5 VARNEY, John  13 Apr 1725Nottingham, NTT I096 Rachel 
6 CLAYWORTH, John  15 Oct 1746Nottingham, NTT I077 Rachel 
7 CLAYWORTH, Elizabeth  23 Dec 1748Nottingham, NTT I085 Rachel 
8 CLAYWORTH, Thomas  1758Nottingham, NTT I088 Rachel 
9 CLAYWORTH, Elizabeth  1 Feb 1769Nottingham, NTT I079 Rachel 
10 CLAYWORTH, John  19 Jan 1772Nottingham, NTT I052 Rachel 
11 ELLIS, George  1811Nottingham, NTT I1629 Rachel 
12 GARTON, Thomas  1821Nottingham, NTT I746 Rachel 
13 ELLIS, Ann  1839Nottingham, NTT I1630 Rachel 
14 ELLIS, George  1839Nottingham, NTT I1632 Rachel 
15 ELLIS, Elizabeth  1840Nottingham, NTT I1631 Rachel 
16 ELLIS, Robert  1840Nottingham, NTT I1633 Rachel 
17 SMALLWOOD, Gladys Elizabeth  1890Nottingham, NTT I1645 Rachel 
18 SEARSON, Claude Willam  1894Nottingham, NTT I1648 Rachel 
19 RAY, Leslie  1909Nottingham, NTT I1799 Rachel 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 CLAYWORTH, Ann  04 Jun 1761Nottingham, NTT I089 Rachel 
2 LEES, Lucy  17 Nov 1804Nottingham, NTT I1221 Rachel 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 CLAYWORTH, Elizabeth  28 Feb 1772Nottingham, NTT I085 Rachel 
2 CLAYWORTH, Samuel  05 May 1782Nottingham, NTT I090 Rachel 
3 ELLIS, George  1885Nottingham, NTT I1629 Rachel 
4 PASHLEY, Jane  1894Nottingham, NTT I012 Rachel 
5 SINGLETON, Elizabeth  1903Nottingham, NTT I1641 Rachel 
6 PASHLEY, Henry  1905Nottingham, NTT I620 Rachel 
7 CLAYWORTH, Elizabeth  16 May 1910Nottingham, NTT I010 Rachel 
8 SEARSON, Claude Willam  1949Nottingham, NTT I1648 Rachel 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 VARNEY / DOUBLE  30 Jun 1715Nottingham, NTT F019 Rachel 
2 CLIWORTH / VARNEY  9 Nov 1744Nottingham, NTT F017 Rachel 
3 ELLIS / REEVES  1865Nottingham, NTT F453 Rachel 
4 SMALLWOOD / PASHLEY  1889Nottingham, NTT F436 Rachel 
5 /   Sep 1893Nottingham, NTT F131 Rachel 
6 SEARSON / PASHLEY  Sep 1893Nottingham, NTT F005 Rachel 
7 RAY / PASHLEY  1902Nottingham, NTT F430 Rachel