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Male 1808 - 1882  (74 years)


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Charles Hartshorne b 1808?

This record was originally created in 2008 from IGI records combined with census with the following information

Parents: Samuel Hartshorne - Jane Wilkinson m. 5 Feb 1805.
Siblings: Mary (1805, b. netherton); John (1812, b Netherton), Harriott, (b. 1817, Netherton)

In 2020 I reviewed the record. Parish records are now more online (although not completely)

Parents marriage. There is no record of a Samuel Hartshorn(e) marrying a Jane Wilkinson. There is however a Samuel to a Jane Oakley, 22 Feb 1805, in Sedgely, STS

There is no record of a Charles Hartshorn(e) born in 1800-1820 in the area. There is no record of a Charles born to a Samuel or a Jane at all in that time period.

The following children are found, born to a Samuel and Jane
1. Abel HARTSHORNE Chr 28 Aug 1805 Sedgely
2. John HARTSHORN chr 3 Apr 1808 Brierley Hill
3. Sophia HARTSHORNE Chr 26 Nov 1809, Brierley Hill
4. Nathanael HARTSHORN chr 2 Jun 1816 Dudley

There is no record of a Mary born in 1805 (there is an 1804 one, born to William/Phebe), a John in 1812 (there is one in Kingswinford in 1815 to William/Susannah) or a Harriott in 1817 in the right area - so no-one to fit the census results. (there are further afield)

we know a Mary Hartshorne married a Joseph Winnington in Kingswinford in 1824. From the census, we know she was born in the area (although this changes from Tipton, Netherton and Kingwinford), b in 1805/6, had a boother called John and a relative called Elizabeth Hartshorn, born about 1831 - which is the right age for Charles' daughter. We know that a Sarah Ann Colley, born 1856/57 was in the house for the 61 census. That's elizabeth's daughter

We know that John and Hariott were present with a Jane in the 1841 census, widowed. This appears to be the same John that was present with Mary.
We know that a Harriet Henrietta Hartshorne, daughter of Samuel married Edward Rowland Hill on 6 Nov 1853 in Pensnett but was listed as 24 years of age (so born 1827ish - even with the 41 census of rounding of ages, this seems unlikely! This Harriet was not in the 51 census (or 61/71)

I have left the information in the database - but have uncoupled that Samuel/Jane family until evidence received

Charles Hartshorne b 1808?


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