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Dudley, WOR


Tree: Rachel
Latitude: 52.50870111383395, Longitude: -2.087380886077881


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
101 RAYBOULD, Elijah  1844Dudley, WOR I1807 Rachel 
102 RAYBOULD, Elijah  1888Dudley, WOR I1841 Rachel 
103 RAYBOULD, Ephraim  1882Dudley, WOR I1840 Rachel 
104 RAYBOULD, Hannah  1839Dudley, WOR I1805 Rachel 
105 RAYBOULD, Hannah  1874Dudley, WOR I320 Rachel 
106 RAYBOULD, Joseph  1858Dudley, WOR I308 Rachel 
107 RAYBOULD, Maria  17 Aug 1783Dudley, WOR I492 Rachel 
108 RAYBOULD, Maria  27 Oct 1793Dudley, WOR I495 Rachel 
109 RAYBOULD, Mary Elizabeth  1870Dudley, WOR I319 Rachel 
110 RAYBOULD, Sophia  Aug 1794Dudley, WOR I496 Rachel 
111 RAYBOULD, Thomas  1838Dudley, WOR I1804 Rachel 
112 RAYBOULD, Thomas  1871Dudley, WOR I626 Rachel 
113 ROBINSON, Charles Henry  21 Dec 1874Dudley, WOR I270 Rachel 
114 ROBINSON, Sarah Elizabeth  1870Dudley, WOR I275 Rachel 
115 ROGERS, Cordelia  1850Dudley, WOR I1558 Rachel 
116 RUSSON, Sarah  1831Dudley, WOR I1559 Rachel 
117 WALKER, Edith Mary  1885Dudley, WOR I1838 Rachel 
118 WALTERS, Caroline  1822Dudley, WOR I2111 Rachel 
119 WALTERS, Elizabeth  1820Dudley, WOR I2108 Rachel 
120 WALTERS, Joseph  1828Dudley, WOR I2112 Rachel 
121 WESTWOOD, Joseph  1859Dudley, WOR I1364 Rachel 
122 WESTWOOD SMITH, Hannah  1852Dudley, WOR I323 Rachel 
123 WRIGHT, Agnes  14 Mar 1845Dudley, WOR I2019 Rachel 
124 WRIGHT, George  1798Dudley, WOR I2015 Rachel 
125 WRIGHT, George William  1 Dec 1828Dudley, WOR I2022 Rachel 
126 WRIGHT, John Samuel William  1 Feb 1837Dudley, WOR I2017 Rachel 
127 WRIGHT, Joseph  4 Jun 1830Dudley, WOR I2023 Rachel 
128 WRIGHT, Joseph  1861Dudley, WOR I2028 Rachel 
129 WRIGHT, Mary Annetta  6 Apr 1838Dudley, WOR I274 Rachel 
130 WRIGHT, Nancy Hannah  14 Feb 1840Dudley, WOR I2018 Rachel 
131 WRIGHT, Rebecca  1854Dudley, WOR I2024 Rachel 
132 WRIGHT, Sarah Elizabeth  23 Dec 1846Dudley, WOR I2020 Rachel 

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