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Leicester, LEI



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 CLAYWORTH, Mary Ann  12 Dec 1842Leicester, LEI I065 Rachel 
2 CLAYWORTH, Jane  12 Dec 1845Leicester, LEI I066 Rachel 
3 CLAYWORTH, Thomas  14 Apr 1850Leicester, LEI I067 Rachel 
4 CLAYWORTH, William Thomas  4 Feb 1852Leicester, LEI I068 Rachel 
5 CLAYWORTH, Sarah Jane  1855Leicester, LEI I069 Rachel 
6 CLAYWORTH, John  1857Leicester, LEI I070 Rachel 
7 THURLBY, Emma  1861Leicester, LEI I9 Rachel 
8 PASHLEY, John Henry  1872Leicester, LEI I1654 Rachel 
9 PASHLEY, George Enoch  1874Leicester, LEI I1655 Rachel 
10 PASHLEY, Florence  1875Leicester, LEI I1642 Rachel 
11 PASHLEY, Florence Ann  1875Leicester, LEI I1662 Rachel 
12 SHAW, Louisa Catherine  1876Leicester, LEI I1670 Rachel 
13 PASHLEY, Walter  1877Leicester, LEI I1656 Rachel 
14 PASHLEY, Nellie  1878Leicester, LEI I1665 Rachel 
15 PASHLEY, Ada  1879Leicester, LEI I1657 Rachel 
16 PASHLEY, Tom  1881Leicester, LEI I1658 Rachel 
17 PASHLEY, Jane  1882Leicester, LEI I1659 Rachel 
18 PASHLEY, Frank  1884Leicester, LEI I1660 Rachel 
19 PASHLEY, Horace  1886Leicester, LEI I1661 Rachel 
20 PASHLEY, Emma  1889Leicester, LEI I1663 Rachel 
21 PASHLEY, Emily  1891Leicester, LEI I8 Rachel 
22 BISHOP, Sydney  1893Leicester, LEI I1667 Rachel 
23 PASHLEY, Clara  1894Leicester, LEI I1664 Rachel 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 CLAYWORTH, Sarah Jane  1855Leicester, LEI I069 Rachel 
2 CLAYWORTH, John  1858Leicester, LEI I070 Rachel 
3 PICK, Jane  1902Leicester, LEI I1653 Rachel 
4 SHAW, Louisa Catherine  1913Leicester, LEI I1670 Rachel 
5 PASHLEY, Tom  1933Leicester, LEI I624 Rachel 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 CLAYWORTH / BEALL  3 Apr 1826Leicester, LEI F014 Rachel 
2 PASHLEY / PICK  1871Leicester, LEI F441 Rachel 
3 PASHLEY /   1894Leicester, LEI F450 Rachel 
4 FITT / PASHLEY  1897Leicester, LEI F445 Rachel 
5 PASHLEY / SHAW  1899Leicester, LEI F447 Rachel 
6 / PASHLEY  1903Leicester, LEI F449 Rachel 
7 PASHLEY /   1904Leicester, LEI F452 Rachel 
8 PASHLEY / THURLBY  1904Leicester, LEI F4 Rachel 
9 PASHLEY /   1905Leicester, LEI F451 Rachel 
10 PASHLEY / BRICKNELL  1908Leicester, LEI F448 Rachel 
11 BISHOP / PASHLEY  1924Leicester, LEI F444 Rachel