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Netherton, WOR


Tree: Rachel

City/Town : Latitude: 52.4930479, Longitude: -2.0836424


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 FINCH, Ann  1826Netherton, WOR I1182 Rachel 
2 GRIFFITHS, Maria  1818Netherton, WOR I315 Rachel 
3 HARRIS, Adelaide  1895Netherton, WOR I1218 Rachel 
4 HARRIS, Angelina  1867Netherton, WOR I1195 Rachel 
5 HARRIS, Benjamin  1873Netherton, WOR I1197 Rachel 
6 HARRIS, Catherine  1840Netherton, WOR I1189 Rachel 
7 HARRIS, Florence Ethel  1897Netherton, WOR I1219 Rachel 
8 HARRIS, George  1893Netherton, WOR I1217 Rachel 
9 HARRIS, Martha  1861Netherton, WOR I1194 Rachel 
10 HARRIS, Mary  1849Netherton, WOR I1190 Rachel 
11 HARRIS, Mintrell  1861Netherton, WOR I1193 Rachel 
12 HARRIS, Reuben  1857Netherton, WOR I1192 Rachel 
13 HARRIS, Sarah  1900Netherton, WOR I1220 Rachel 
14 HARRIS, Thomas  1825Netherton, WOR I765 Rachel 
15 HARRIS, Thomas  1850Netherton, WOR I1191 Rachel 
16 HARRIS, William  1825Netherton, WOR I1186 Rachel 
17 HARRIS, William  1871Netherton, WOR I1196 Rachel 
18 HARTSHORNE, John  1812Netherton, WOR I1359 Rachel 
19 HARTSHORNE, Mary  1806Netherton, WOR I1358 Rachel 
20 HARTSHORNE, Selina  1838Netherton, WOR I1361 Rachel 
21 KNOWLES, Thomas  1821Netherton, WOR I2114 Rachel 
22 PARSONS, Emma  17 Jun 1837Netherton, WOR I375 Rachel 
23 PARSONS, Samuel  02 Jan 1812Netherton, WOR I756 Rachel 
24 PARSONS, Sophia  18 Jan 1835Netherton, WOR I1526 Rachel 
25 PORTMAN, Charles Henry  1899Netherton, WOR I1713 Rachel 
26 PORTMAN, Elsia  1907Netherton, WOR I1716 Rachel 
27 PORTMAN, Ernest  1903Netherton, WOR I1715 Rachel 
28 PORTMAN, Esther  1858Netherton, WOR I1718 Rachel 
29 PORTMAN, Ethel May  1901Netherton, WOR I1714 Rachel 
30 PORTMAN, Joseph  1910Netherton, WOR I1717 Rachel 
31 PORTMAN, Lily  1897Netherton, WOR I1712 Rachel 
32 PORTMAN, Samuel  1876Netherton, WOR I1711 Rachel 
33 RAYBOULD, Benjamin  30 Jun 1849Netherton, WOR I1808 Rachel 
34 RAYBOULD, David  6 Sept 1847Netherton, WOR I322 Rachel 
35 RAYBOULD, Eliza  18 Feb 1852Netherton, WOR I328 Rachel 
36 RAYBOULD, Hannah  1855Netherton, WOR I329 Rachel 
37 RAYBOULD, John  1851Netherton, WOR I1800 Rachel 
38 RAYBOULD, Joseph  30 Apr 1836Netherton, WOR I627 Rachel 
39 RAYBOULD, Mary  1839Netherton, WOR I628 Rachel 
40 RAYBOULD, Sophia  1841Netherton, WOR I629 Rachel 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 RAYBOULD, Benjamin  20 Mar 1814Netherton, WOR I314 Rachel 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 MASON / HARRIS  03 Jan 1876Netherton, WOR F072 Rachel