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Edward Samuel EPPLESTONE

Male 1840 - 1903  (62 years)


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Edward Epplestone 1840-1903

Notes about Edward Epplestone 1840-1903 from the Tamworth Herald

He was an enthusiastic gardener and most mentions were about this. (did not record all)

11 Aug 1883. In local cottagers class. Won prizes for roses, potatoes, onions, marrow, mixed fruit, mixed veg and parsley

20 Sept 1884: Won for his Roses, Celery, Kidney Beans, Runner Beans, onions, cabbages and cauliflowers, potatoes. Plus seconds for dahlias, marrows and apples.

17 Mar 1888: Annual Meeting of the Horticultural Society. Awarded Bronze Atherstonian media for being the second most successful exhibitors in the cottager's division

6 Aug 1892: The Flower had obviously grown, with lots more classes. Epplestone entered classes for cottagers and artizans living within 5 miles. Won prizes for Fuchsia, Geraniums, Asters, Stocks, Apples, Raspberries, Gooseberries, Blackcurrants, Whitecurrants, Potatoes, Onions, Parsnips, Cabbages, Celery

25 Mar 1893. Medals awarded at the annual meeting of the Horticultural Society. Epplestone was awarded a Silver medal for the most awarded cottager. He had wearing 8 silver medals he had previously won.

12 Aug 1893. It looks like Epplestone has moved, as he now enters classes for amateurs residing within 3 miles of Tamworth. Won prizes for Roses, Pansies, Gooseberries, Red Currants, Blackcurrants, Eschalots, Peas, Kidney beans, Carrots, potatoes, celery.

30 Aug 1893. a schoolboy was fined 5s for damaging apples in the orchard of Edward Epplestone (Coventry Evening Herald)

11 Aug 1894. More prizes - entered a division for all except cottagers. Gooseberries, Potatoes, Peas, broad beans, kidney beans, onions, lettuces

23 May 1903 Annual meeting of Horticultural Society. " Sympathetic mention was made by the Chairman of the death to Mr E Epplestone, who was a well known exhibitor and a useful member of the committee"

Edward Epplestone 1840-1903

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